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On Friday 5th November three of the clubs Senior Instructors travelled to Southend on Sea to attend the course and competitions on Saturday the 6th. The Jikishin Course was held in the morning where instruction was given by top lnstructors from England, Germany, Italy and Sicily to students from the above countries plus France and Belgium. It was an excellent course where a wide variation of techniques were taught, and many new friends were made.

The afternoon saw the competitions being fought on eight mats due to the large number of contestants in all the usual catagories - Sparring, Ground Fighting, Kata, and Weapons Kata. It was a long but very enjoyable afternoon and culminated in a Gold Medal in the weapons Kata competition for Chief Instructor John Idle with a faultless display of Iaido.

It was an extremely successful day for both the Bushido Ju Jitsu Club and the Bushido Academy as members John Idle, Andy Walker, Rod Phellps and Andys daughter all won Gold medals in their events.

Pictured below Senseis Andy Walker, James Pape and John Idle.




The Barnoldswick & Earby branch of the Academy again tasted international competition success when a party traveled to Gibralter to attend the annual Bushido Academy Course & Championships.  The club was represented by Chief Instructor John Idle 5th Dan, Philip Atkinson 4th Dan, Shaun Taylforth 1st Dan, Lee bowers 3rd Kyu and his daughter Rebecca 5th Kyu. 

During the weekend Philip was graded to 5th Dan - Master.  Philip has practiced Ju-Jitsu for the greater part of his life and is a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.  He demonstrated his mastery of the art with real aplomb to the satisfaction of the grading panel which included two of the most experienced ju-jitsu masters in Britain – namely senseis Jimmy Pape 8th Dan, and Eric Marshall 7th Dan. 

Competitions were held at Gibralters impressive Victoria stadium and the Earby team entered the junior & senior free fighting competition and also the weapons kata, categories.   There were grins across the faces of John and Lee(a former Britain and Worlds strongest man contender) as they were paired against each other in the first bout of the men’s over 75kilos continuous free fighting section.  Said John “Lee is almost twice my weight and is incredibly strong and fit.  My only real chance was to stay out of range and rack up points with kicks & punches.  This strategy was working until I ventured a little too close and Lee was able to grip me.  From there we both fell to ground and Lee managed to manoeuvre me into a ground fighting hold.  From this moment on it was a question of survival.  Once Lee gets a good grip of you there is no way out”. Lee took the fight and went on to win the Gold medal.  John took the bronze. 

To make it a fantastic family success Lee’s daughter Rebecca took the Gold in her particular age group as her proud mother and sister looked on. 

Next up was the traditional weapons kata section.  Here contestants have to demonstrate their skills at handling traditional Japanese and Okinawan weaponry.  John opted for the Japanese sword and took the Gold medal convincingly. 

The day was crowned by Lee being presented with the coveted Charles Allmark Shield for best fighter of the tournament.Medal presentations were made by Gibralter’s Minister for Sport.  All senseis and students were entertained at a presentation buffet dance where celebrations went on late into the night. 

On behalf of Bushido Ju-Jitsu Academy, Sensei Idle would like to offer sincere thanks to Tony Joachin of Bushido Gibralter, for organizing yet another wonderful event.  Sensei Tony was also graded to 5th Dan during the weekend and the Academy offers congratulations and thanks for the tireless efforts of Sensei Tony and his dedicated team. It is by attending these functions that the art and friendships are strengthened.

Pictured here Left to Right, Lee Bowers, Philip Atkinson,Sensei John Idle,Shaun Taylforth, Rebecca Bowers.

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POOLE JU-JITSU CLUB VISIT                                                                                                                                           

Pictured here are regular club members with Poole Ju-jitsu Instructors Andy Walker 2nd Dan and Rod Phellps also 2nd Dan, who travelled 300 miles for an intensive weekend training session. They arrived late Friday evening travel weary and rod commented on "how flippin cold it is up north"!

Saturday was a full training day with a thorough Ju-jitsu workout in the morning, and weapons in the afternoon. This was followed by a bar-B-Que and Garden Party at the home of Sec/Treasurer Richard Asbury and his partner Lorraine. The lads were duly entertained even if Rod was in danger of developing hypothermia by this point!

Sunday morning saw more training with grading specific instruction given by Sensei John Idle, followed by the Poole duo who are formidable competition fighters, imparting some of their considerable knowledge in this field.

All in all it was a great weekend and Sensei Idle thanked them both for the considerable effort to travel so far and praised their commitment to the cause. He added "visiting other clubs is definitely to be encouraged as it broadens our outlook and fosters the sharing of knowledge for the greater good of our Art".

Thanks again Andy and Rod, we’ll see you soon.

A point to contemplate – it only took a single phone call from Andy to arrange the whole weekend – food for thought!


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SUCCESSFUL GRADING                                                                                                                         We now have a new 2nd Dan, Stuart Warburton was graded at the Headquarters in Little Sutton on the 16th May 2004 by a panel of senior grades, comprising Sensei James Pape, Sensei Philip Atkinson and Sensei Richard Asbery. Stuart was complemented by Sensei Pape for the standard of his performance.

2nd OPEN DAY                                                                                                                                     Sunday 30th May 2004 we held our second open day, it was an opportunity to again show parents the progress their children are making and also the progress of the Club. It was well attended with the mid week junior class giving a good demonstration of Jujitsu followed by a demonstration by the senior members. This was followed by an Iaido demonstration, including some nice Seitei katas demonstrated by Stuart Warburton. The day was rounded off by Lee Bowers (Britain's Strongest Man contender) giving a talk and demonstration on Strength training. finally as tradition demands an excellent meal was prepared by our resident head of catering Helen Roberts.

SPECIAL EVENING                                                                                                                                Chief Instructor John Idle, Helen Roberts, Norman and Brenda Hudson were invited to attend the 60th Birthday celebrations of Sensei James Pape of the Bushido Academy. They joined 170 people at the Thistle Hotel Haddock who enjoyed the celebrations, many were friends of Sensei Pape from Ju-jitsu, and a special presentation was made on behalf of the BJJA(GB) by Sensei Terry Parker and Sensei John Steadman to award Sensei Pape his 8th Dan                                                                      (pictured  - Sensei Steadman and Sensei Pape).

Success in Iaido

The Clubs two senior Instructors John Idle and Norman Hudson were successfully graded to Shodan in Iaido at the end of November with two other students who graded, one to Shodan and one to 1st kyu. They completed five SeiTei sword katas to the satisfaction of a panel of Instructors from the Myo Shin Ryu in Rochdale. This school is fully affiliated to the Dia Nippon Butoku Kai Association of Japan. Both have spent many hours of practice in the Dojo and visited Hanshi Allan Tattersall for personal achieve this success.



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