Bushido Ju-Jitsu Childrens Club

Our club has now been in our own premises for 20 months and have regular students attending, the classes on Sunday and on a Wednesday evening, both classes are averaging approximately 15 - 18 students to each class, which means both are at capacity and so we will be starting a waiting list.

Classes involve
                  Mat Etiquette
                  Warm up (fitness)
                  Ju-jitsu techniques
                  Ground fighting
                  Light contact sparring (full head and body protection worn)
                  Stretching and cool down
                  Mat Etiquette

Class times are :-      Sundays             4.30 - 5.45pm

                                Wednesdays          6.0 - 7.15pm

Training Fees are £2.50 per session.


As with the Seniors the BJJA (GB) hold annual courses and competitions for children,  with the top Instructors of the Association judging or Refereeing.  

Our childrens clubs have had the following success:-

2001    Sarah Pitman            Gold Medal in Semi Contact Sparring
Sarah Pitman            Silver Medal in Ground Fighting
             Jenny Pitman            Bronze Medal in Ground Fighting
Ashley Rebanks        Gold Medal in Ground Fighting

2002     Isaac Warburton      Gold Medal for  Ground fighting                                              Connor  Warburton               Bronze Medal for Ground fighting                                           Ashley   Rebanks                   Gold Medal for Ground fighting  

2003 UNJJA and BJJAGB Chanpionships

Ashley Rebanks         Gold Medals for Ground fighting   and sparing                            Isaac Warburton        Gold Medals for Ground fighting and sparing                               Beth Shuttleworth       Gold medal for sparring

Sarah Pitman              Silver medals for Ground fighting and sparing                                Beth Shuttleworth       Silver medal for Ground fighting                                                Oliver Thackry           Silver medal for Ground fighting                                              Richard Crumpsty      Silver medal for  Ground fighting                                              Connor Warburton    Silver medal for Sparring

James Crumpsty        Bronze medal for Ground fighting                                              Connor Warburton    Bronze medal for Ground fighting

Lefery Day
Wrinkles - problem solved!

Hallu Motion
Hallux is no longer a problem. Check!


To celebrate our first year in our premises we have held a party for both Junior classes. It was attended by all but two children who had other functions to attend. It took the form of an 'Old Fashioned ' one with games such as 'bobbing for apples, the Taste Game, Pass the Parcel,  etc followed by a buffet meal and jelly and Ice Cream. The children left several shattered instructors who organised and supervised the event. As usual the Head of catering Helen Roberts excelled. 

Sensei Robert Rebanks 3rd Dan is Chief  Instructor for the Sunday Juniors, ably assisted by Stuart Warburton 1st Dan 

Sensei Mark Faulkner 1st dan is the Instructor for the Wednesday Juniors assisted by Brenda Hudson 4th Dan  and Shaun Taylforth 1st Dan  .

Ju-Jitsu is self rewarding.  You gain self confidence, health and fitness and discipline in the art of Ju-jitsu.














Isaac and Connor