We teach the same syllabus that we always have done.  It is the original syllabus of Soke Blundell (founder of the BJJA).  We believe it stands on its own and does not need adding to or chopping and changing.  What we do emphasise more as we practice our techniques year upon year, are the central principles behind the system.  It is often tempting to try to add more and more different techniques to an already crowded syllabus.  This temptation should be resisted.  We are looking for quality not quantity.

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In addition to our club training sessions we have specialized stamina/fitness training involving running, sprints circuits etc.  These sessions are aimed at our brown belts, mainly to raise their conditioning in preparation for Black Belt grading.

All our Dan grades (and that includes the Chief Instructor) must train regularly on the mat.  This is something we feel strongly about.  It is all too easy to become ‘gun-shy’ when mat work is neglected.  Tutored instruction for senior Dan grades involves a considerable amount of travelling, therefore monthly training trips to BJJA HQ are needed.  There, we can be coached by the Chief Coaches of the BJJA Mr Pape 7th Dan and Mr Geohegan also 7th Dan.

On the whole, we try to incorporate all the various aspects of traditional martial arts training from the obvious ie:- fitness and general health benefits, self defence etc., to the not so obvious – Introspection, self development from within, character formation and so on.  If anyone out there would like to contact us to arrange training trips etc., please feel free to do so at –

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