The Dojo Project


The Dojo continues to progress at a slower rate, we have completed the wall boarding and  have put mirrors on the end wall, but still have to do the doors.

We have changed the Main Entrance to the building to enter by a new meeting area at the rear. the Kitchen now has a new hob and oven and fitted worktops, and has been split  to make the new meeting area, where new floor covering has been laid. The old entrance has had new double doors and frame fitted, and becomes a fire exit. We have and wood panelled the floor up to the mat, put rubber floor covering in the  the Fitness area  which we have now changed from a Multi gym to a strength training area. This being recommended by our  Mr Great Britain's Strongest Man competitor, Lee Bowers (holder of a B.A in Sports Management) as a more appropriate and representative method for our training.

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We have done quite an amount of maintenance repairs to the roof and the end wall over the Fire exit, which requires some further work in the future and have had a quantity of paving slabs donated which we have laid as a patio. We have had a new gate and fence made and fitted  at the side of the building in readiness to remove the end gates and wall and make a small car park, when planning permission is applied for.  The garden has been levelled in readiness for laying a decorative gravel feature. 


On Sunday 5th May 2002 The Bushido Ju Jitsu Club from Earby held their official opening day. The official Ceremony was carried out by Sensei James Pape 7th Dan,  the National Coach for the British Ju Jitsu Association (GB) and Sensei Paul Geoghegan 7th Dan Chief Instructor for the Bushido Academy also attended.

The weather was extremely kind which no doubt helped as throughout the day many people visited the Club and watched many varied and interesting demonstrations. These included a Junior class followed by the children sparring and having ground fighting competitions.  Interspersed with these were a senior class, weapons and sword demonstrations and Atemi demonstrations by Senor Dan Grades.

 To complete the day Sensei W. Clark demonstrated Wada Ryu karate with several of his students.

Refreshments were provided throughout the day by a dedicated team of helpers.

The day was rounded off with the two guests and the senior Instructors and partners enjoying a Cantonese meal at a local restaurant.
Sensei James Pape (right), Sensei John Idle (left) and Sensei Paul Geoghegan (with students)

Our long term strategy is beginning to take shape and may be posted soon..

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Below are a few photographs of the building as the work progressed:-

New sign in place new sign in place.jpg (41726 bytes) rear of building.jpg (94759 bytes) Rear of the Building
Entrance End of the Dojo door end.jpg (34956 bytes) changing room end.jpg (29633 bytes) Changing Room End

Finished Door end

 dojo door.jpg (30801 bytes)

dojoweapons.jpg (31835 bytes) Finished mat area and weapons racks
kitchen prior refit kitchen end.jpg (76442 bytes) kitchen fini.jpg (39338 bytes) Kitchen completed from meeting end
first session in the new Dojo first session.jpg (24454 bytes) first session a.jpg (23177 bytes)
Area map from Motorway dojo map b.jpg (49147 bytes) dojo map a.jpg (41928 bytes) Map of Earby showing Dojo location

Telephone John Idle

 01282 814418 (home)  
0777 3722224 (mobile